SHOKUNIN – Japanese Artisans’ Spirit

Growing up in Japan and being raised by a designer mother, I had the opportunities to meet craftsmen and use their products from a very young age.
Unfortunately as a child, I did not appreciate how important it was to cherish their crafts and keep using them year after year. Especially in our current era of mass production and disposal, we are increasingly prone to simply pursue cheap, readily accessible products and discard them once they break. And we will continue to see cheap, so-so quality products as long as ‘the race for the bottom’ continues around the globe. This is certainly bad news for the craftsmen who spend their entire life producing quality products, hoping that whoever buys their crafts will take good care of their art as it attains its uniqueness through use and age.
Japanese craftsmanship is by far one of the best in the world. I stand by this word with confidence, but the reality is that their skills and culture are losing its ground day by day. I had to come up with a way to revive the crafts that I care for, because the craftsmen care for their crafts. And so, I embarked upon a new project that reveals the little known stories of the masters behind my culture.